Our first team has gained a new attacker.

Profile of our basketball club

We are happy to have you as a visitor on our website. Here you will always find the latest news on games, training units and club matters. Of course you will also be briefed on our latest victories, and the many successes our club has enjoyed over the course of its long history. We invite you to browse the site at your leisure. And don't forget: We are all about our favorite sport basketball!

Fostering up and coming talent is priority one

It goes without saying that we are proud of the successes and games won by our first and second team. Of course we want to see such goals repeated again and again in the future. Consequently, we place a lot of emphasis on the promotion and fostering of young talent. Many promising young players have already been discovered in our youth teams and we have developed them further. What makes it even better is that they have stayed true to our club.

“Go for the basket!”